Dirty Dozen: 12 Steps To End Government Corruption

Miracle of Mircales: Donald J. Trump lives and breathes today as President-Elect of the United States of America.

As hard as Trump’s climb to the Oval Office has been, it marks only the beginning of a long, hard slog to breakdown the Establishments of both political parties and restore integrity to our government.

Over the past year we’ve witnessed a massive awakening and growing anger among the silent majority. The “conspiracy theories” about elections being rigged, shadow governments, an evil cabal of snide autocrats controlling the media and lawmakers have all been revealed as true.

The glimpses into the Democrat machine and operative minds provided by WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, etc., provided a sobering mindset of this country’s nefarious political undercurrent.

IF Trump should overcome media bias, voter fraud, electronic ballot manipulation, etc. and win the election, we — US, THE CITIZENS — must demand measures to stop corruption inside our government. And we recommend that we follow these measures up on the state and local governments.

We cannot expect the corrupt to tie their own hands. They must be pressured into making these changes. We must be vigilant, demanding and unrelenting as we INSIST upon these changes.


1. STOP POLITICAL DYNASTIES: The spouse, brother, sister, son or daughter of a former President should NOT be eligible to run for the presidency. The media will label this the “Stop Michelle Obama Rule.” Well yes, it is. But it’s also the anti-Bush rule, too. Political dynasties via election are no different from a line of succession by royalty. The Founding Fathers could not envision the rise of “power couples” ala the Clintons or Argentina’s Kirschners. But they had a front row seat for how it worked among Europe’s monarchies. They’d be appalled at the Bush-Clinton dynamic of this modern era.


2. TERM LIMITS: We must end politics as a career. There’s a number of approaches to this idea, but Congressmen and Senators should not serve more than one term in Washington. Example legislation could include one four-year term for Representatives and one six-year term for Senators. Trump’s proposal to shutdown the Congress-to-Lobbyist pipeline should also be considered here.


A one-term politician gains some leverage in that voters cannot threaten them via re-election. However, a zero-tolerance rule or an ability to review their performance at the half-way mark of their terms might solve that issue.

Another issue involve Lame Ducks. If House and Senate elections took place on the same calendar — in other words all terms were up at once — we could call for an abbreviated Lame Duck Congress. All bills created during this period would receive additional scrutiny to avoid shenanigans.

3. STATE-LEVEL VOTING REVIEW: All states should review their voting processes, inspect their roles, eliminate illegals and the dead and ditch all electronic voting machines. Strict protocols and citizen oversight should be instituted to ensure 100% integrity. One simple solution would involve re-setting all registrations and demanding a re-registration with ID required. Early voting and mail-in ballots need to be reviewed.

4. CAST LIGHT ON THE SHADOW: “The Shadow” cabal described by the FBI during the Clinton investigation needs to be disbanded.

5. AMERICAN CITIZENS COUNCIL: American citizens should create an accountability organization calling for Congress, the military and all agencies to appear at citizen-led hearings ONCE A MONTH. These hearings will be televised on C-Span and whoever else wants to broadcast. A rotating group of citizens run the organization to avoid infiltration from nefarious organizations.

“Uh, general, can you please explain why the Pentagon keeps investing billions into the flying piece of crap known as the F-35?

6. END AMERICAN INVOLVEMENT IN UNITED NATIONS: All payments and support for the United Nations should cease. The United States should pull out of the UN and evict the entire organization from New York. The United Nations is the defacto Globalist Government supported and run by a huge cast of anti-American, unsavory characters — a Who’s Who of Tyranny.

united-nations-logoThe UN serves as a one-stop bazaar for the corrupt who seek to cut deals and enact laws on sovereign nations. If there’s one theme to these bozos it’s laziness. The criminal elite despise competition or the need to think (although they spend an awful lot of their time thinking about how to find legal loopholes). Ultimately, criminals prefer concierge services. The United Nations checks all those boxes.

America pulls all its dollars out of the UN and it will collapse within two years due to lack of financing and massive in-fighting over a power vacuum.

7. SHUT THE FEDERAL RESERVE, RETURN TO GOLD: Close the Federal Reserve. The command-and-control economy needs to end. Help install a true free market system for businesses including telecom/cable, banking, energy, health insurance, etc. Returning to gold will end the government’s ability to print worthless money and should stabilize inflation. Who’s idea was it to move off the gold standard? That lefty economic genius John Maynard Keynes, of course. Market manipulation by the Fed is essentially insider trading.
Fort Knox American Gold Reserve

8. REGAIN INTERNET CONTROL: Let’s call this one as it is: Letting internet oversight elapse allowed our government to farm-out oversight to the United Nations. And when the United Nations enacts all sorts of regulations to stifle competition, skirt the First Amendment and crush free enterprise, our government would just shrug and say: “Oh well, not us making these laws.”

9. CASH-LESS ELECTION CAMPAIGNING: Create an election process requiring the least amount of money as possible. Ban all SuperPacs, advertising, etc. Designate mandatory debate schedules and times for campaigning. All candidates will receive equal dollars from a Federal government election pool. Any donations to a candidate, solicitation for funding or use of personal funds will result in prosecution and elimination from election eligibility for life.

The corruption of candidates starts here as no politician can pass through the election process without owing their benefactors favors. We must leave our politicians free from favors to the elite. They must serve only their constituents.

10. POLITICIANS, BUREAUCRATS NOT ABOVE THE LAW: Government workers are not above the law. Break a law, you’re fired. Get indicted while in office? You’re fired. Any elected official involved in a criminal investigation, must immediately resign. It’s ZERO TOLERANCE. Additionally, if politicians want to enact something like Obamacare, they have to use it as well. There is no class distinction between politicians/officials and the public.

11. TERM LIMITS FOR JUDGES: SCOTUS appointees and all Federal judges will be elected BY THE PEOPLE and will serve for eight years. At the end of their term, they must retire and are ineligible to lobby or run for Federal office.

12. INVESTMENTS FROZEN: If you work for the government — whether elected or appointed — you are forbidden from owning an investment portfolio. All government employees will have a centrally managed 401K, but other than that, no government worker should be allowed to benefit from inside information, the creation or discussion of potential laws or policies that could influence investment markets.

Are these solutions perfect? No, but they go a long way toward correcting things.

The problem with evil is that it never stops changing or testing the rules. Each of these will present micro-issues requiring adjustment.