DeVos on Campus Sexual Assault Policy: Too Many Students Denied Due Process

By Charles Fain Lehman

“One person denied due process is one too many,” Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Friday during a television appearance to discuss the Department of Education’s new Title IX policy.

Earlier this month, DeVos outlined her department’s plan to overhaul the Obama administration’s enforcement of Title IX, the federal law governing sex discrimination and harassment on campus. Earlier this week, DeVos officially rescinded Obama-era guidance on how colleges should carry out sexual assault investigations, guidance which had drawn criticism for being insufficiently concerned with students’ due process rights.

DeVos appeared on Fox News’s “The Story,” where she told host Martha MacCallum that combatting sexual assault was a major priority — but so, too, was respecting due process.

“Let me just say that one sexual assault on campus is one too many, but one person denied due process is one too many, and that’s really what this is all about,” she said. “We really need to get to a point where it’s fair for all students, and where it is clear with the process is for all students. There’ve been too many students wronged in a well-intentioned attempt to ensure that this issue is not swept under …read more

Source:: Washington Free Beacon