Deroy Murdock on FOX Business Credits GatewayPundit Analysis on Hillary – She Lost in Part Because Trump Outworked Her

By Jim Hoft

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Deroy Murdock was on FOX Business this past week and he cited TGP analysis to explain why Hillary lost the election. Simply put, Hillary lost the election because she couldn’t fill up a high school gym while President Trump was setting attendance records at arenas around the US.

Deroy Murdock cited TGP work before the 2016 election where we noted that President Trump was outworking Hillary. The President to be also had a level of excitement that the Hillary team did not have. It was difficult to attain accurate numbers but our end result showed that President Trump was way outpacing Hillary in attendance at rallies and on social media.

Deroy stated on FOX Business with Charles Payne –

The reason that Hillary Clinton lost was because she was lazy. Just to give you some numbers from TGP, Jim [Joe] Hoft ran these figures.

Donald Trump did 132 rallies. Hillary Clinton did 63, less than half. Donald Trump took 23 days off when he had no rallies. Hillary took 57. There’s 99 days between August 1 and election day, she took 57 days which means 57 days off when she …read more

Source:: The Gateway Pundit