Dem Sen Murphy: ‘A Functioning Democracy Requires’ Action to Protect Mueller

By Ian Hanchett

During Friday’s Democratic Weekly Address, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated that “a functioning democracy requires” Democrats and Republicans unite “to protect Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.” He added that failure to do so means that “our nation starts to devolve into a banana republic.” Transcript (via FedNews) as Follows: “I’m Chris Murphy, Senator from Connecticut. Well, President Trump couldn’t even wait 24 hours. Wednesday, with the Democrats’ election triumph not a day old, Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions, setting off a potential constitutional crisis. He named DoJ Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general, who has a long history of hostile statements toward Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation — including advocating defunding and imposing limitations on the Mueller probe. Now, more than ever, a functioning democracy requires Democrats and Republicans to come together to take action — next week — to protect Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. If we don’t, and Donald Trump is given license to shut down an investigation into his own potential wrongdoing, then our nation starts to devolve into a banana republic. This is a serious issue, but we won’t let it completely distract from what did happen on Tuesday. On Election Day, voters across the …read more


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