Dem Sen Kaine: Virginia State Gov’t Elections ‘Will Be a Bellwether for 2018’

By Jeff Poor

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Tim Kaine (R-VA) urged voters to watch this year’s elections in his home state of Virginia, which he said would be a bellwether for 2018. According to Kaine, more Democratic voters participated in that state’s primary than Republicans, a sign he argued was positive for his party. Partial transcript as follows: HAROLD FORD, JR., PROFESSOR, UNIV. OF MICHIGAN SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY: Look, you’re making a point. I don’t know. It’s amazing we’re even having the conversation and I applaud you and I applaud all the politicians across Virginia who’ve stood up here. I have a question that’s related but slightly unrelated. This issue obviously is going to be prevalent in political races. What do Democrats have to do in addition to talking about these things — KAINE: Yes. FORD: — to resonate with voters? And I think you are uniquely qualified to talk about it because you’re up for reelection — KAINE: Yes. FORD: — as we speak. KAINE: You know, I think there’s been a state that has had as big a political transformation in the last 20 years than Virginia, from super reliably red to now blue, three in a …read more

Source:: Breitbart