Delivering the Final, Crushing Blow to the Left

In the eyes of freedom-loving patriots, the above map represents a masterpiece.

But there’s a problem with this map. Can you spot it?


The problem involves those pockets of blue infesting states featuring a mostly red landscape.

New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, Illinois and Minnesota suffer from what we call “urban blight.” That means large population cities — often dominated by Democrat political machines — can drive the direction of entire state.

Common sense says the cities with the largest populations are going to win elections. That’s democracy, right?

But why do other citizens of a state have to live under the voting choices made by people in their state’s large cities? Why not cut out the large Democrat machines and free your state to elect and enact Conservative, free market government personnel?


The city of Philadelphia — once a cradle of revolutionary spirit — ranks among the most corrupt Democrat/union-run cities in the United States. As witnessed in past presidential election, Philadelphia went about its usual forms of voter fraud this year using their tried and true methods of voter and poll watcher intimidation, illegal campaign communication around polling stations, dead and transported voters, walk-around money, you name it. Even electronic machines set to vote for Democrats.

Philadelphia is so corrupt, it would be funny if it didn’t affect and damage so many people’s lives.

And yet, the Philadelphia metro area plays a huge role in affecting the outcomes in a crucial presidential swing state. Additionally, it drives the governorship as well as federal Senate appointees.

The Philly metro area accounts for a little over 6 million people. The entire state of Pennsylvania serves as home to over 12 million people. Pittsburgh accounts for roughly 2.4 million citizens. That means 8 million of PA’s population live in two cities. Overall, 58 of PA’s 67 counties voted for Trump.

In Monroe County, Hillary Clinton beat Trump by just 224 votes.

PA Voting by County

The question is this: Why would four million of Pennsylvania’s residents choose to live in a state where they have to work really hard to avoid a Democrat presidential candidate, governor or Senator? Why do they have to live under Leftist rule in the State House?


Urban centers will always lean Democrat because they are often filled with welfare cases, left-leaning colleges, large public school districts and businesses that depend on corruption in order to avoid competition.

Uprooting this level of corruption can literally prove life-threatening.

So the answer? Don’t fight them. Just leave them to stew in their own juices, corruption, high taxes, large infrastructure needs and welfare costs.

Imagine if the people of the Red Counties formed their own state and left the blue center to rot.


Is forming a new state dangerous and fraught with potential issues? Sure.

Do big cities provide tax dollars that filter through an entire state? They do, but they also soak up revenues generated from state-wides sources and they demand more allocation from the state budgets for infrastructure and welfare. The urban centers are a drain — especially on the healthcare front — of state resources.

Imagine creating a state with fewer regulations, freedom to use natural resources such as farms, shale, timber, mining, etc. Imagine creating incentives and shelters for companies to build and hire? With open land, these states could offer real estate growth and expansion unavailable to small urban areas.

In a short amount of time, a free market system would flourish while the Democrat machine cities would reach budget crisis points almost immediately.


Famed radio talk show talent Rush Limbaugh laid out the situation the day after Donald Trump’s election. To paraphrase, Limbaugh said: ‘Don’t mistake this as a message to reach across the aisle and attempt to get along with the Left.’ He said the Left will never stop trying to utterly crush and destroy conservatives. Minus a belief in God, most hardcore Leftists cling to their ideology and as a result, crushing their opposition and enforcing their will upon the public serves as their major goal in life. They get off on being able to control entire states where most of the counties vote red.


We are in the midst of a long-fought two front war. We remain embroiled in a cold, ideas-based, internet-based Civil War for the sovereignty of our nation. At the same time, the Leftists attempting to indelibly alter this nation are funded by globalist operatives who seek to enact their ideology on Western Civilization. The United States and Europe are locked in a death match.

We must not show mercy.

Cutting off the Democrat machines and leaving them to die out under the weight of their own policies solves a number of problems.

1. It’s moral. The Leftists get to keep and run their cities.

2. No one gets hurt, arrested, silenced or put in jail. While the Left (and this includes Socialism, Communism, Fascism and all forms of collectivist tyranny) often kill, maim, silence, beat, threaten and destroy, we aim to simply be left alone to make our own decisions and run our own lives.

We can look not further than the post-election George Soros-funded protests as proof of their lunacy. Imagine if this happened after Obama’s election. We can guess where that reaction would’ve headed, right?

3. We prove once and for all that free market capitalism offers the greatest hope for mankind through the creation of wealth, innovation and personal freedom.


It’s not so much “secession.” That word conjures the Civil War and the Confederacy. Think of this as the creation of a new state for people who choose Conservative government.

Consider this a choice by a population to remove the millstone of Democrat-run cities from their neck as means of survival while in deep water.