Coup vs Counter-Coup: American Revolution’s Digital Battlefield

If you’ve never heard of Steve Pieczenik (pee-chen-ik) that’s because he didn’t want you to know about him.
Pieczenik remains one of the top intelligence operatives in American history.

The man’s IQ scores off the charts.

Over the decades, he’s plied his background as a pyschiatrst to serve as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State across four presidential administrations — Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. He’s been credited with helping to create Delta Force, the creme de la creme Special Operations Force among other things.

Let’s just say the guy carries a lot of gravitas in and around the intelligence community. He states in this video how the Clintons initiated steps to seize control of the country via a soft coup and he, along with members of main military intelligence agencies, have sparked a counter-coup.

Pieczenik claims the recent re-opening of the Clinton scandal via the FBI was born of this counter-coup. They are holding a number of cards in their hands at this stage hoping they can affect a turnaround in what is anticipated to be a rigged election.