Conservative Journalist Laura Loomer BANNED from Facebook

By Peter D’Abrosca

A conservative journalist and Big League Politics contributor was banned from Facebook on Sunday in the midst of a purge of prominent right-wing figures by Silicon Valley tech giants.

“Laura Loomer has been unpublished for repeatedly posting things that don’t comply with Facebook Terms,” the site informed Loomer. “Please review Facebook Community Standards to learn more about our policies.”

When fascist tech giants silence users, they never give a concrete reason, only a vague “violation of terms” excuse.

The ban comes on the heels of Loomer being assaulted by a Palestinian congressional candidate from Michigan. Loomer posted the video to her Facebook page, and was subsequently banned.

In the past week, radio news giant Alex Jones was banned from YouTube, Apple and Facebook, among smaller platforms like Spotify and Pinterest. British free speech activist Tommy Robinson was then banned from Instagram. Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Media was banned from Twitter.

What do Loomer and the other three purge victims have in common? They are all conservative voices with large platforms.

Many have argued over the past week that tech giants, being private entities, have the right to deny service to anyone they please. Usually this is the case.

But Silicon Valley is a vastly different …read more


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