Congress Will Not Support Military Intervention In Venezuela

By Tyler Durden

Despite the War Powers Act, when it comes to the US declaring covert, not so covert or any other type of war, or merely “humanitarian intervention” on a foreign adversary, the US Congress has historically been utterly toothless and generally irrelevant to any progression of hostilities (especially when the US Military-Industrial Complex stands to benefit, which it has generously in recent years, and for proof look no further than the exponential rise in the stock of Boeing). Furthermore, even when Congress proactively has engaged to limit US intervention abroad, as it did in the case of Libya in 2011, Syria during the entire 2012-2017 conflict, and most recently Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen, its resolutions have been summarily ignored.

Which is why it was impossible not to smirk when moments ago House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel said that “Congress would not support a US military intervention in Venezuela” during a hearing on the crisis in Venezuela on Wednesday.

“US military intervention is not an option,” Engel said quoted by Reuters. “Congress decides when, where and how the US military is used around the world, and Congress would not support military intervention in Venezuela.”

Actually, Mr Engel, it is usually …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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