‘Commie Dictators’ for $1,000, Alex

By Barry Farber

Blinking eyes usually don’t make any noise. But now, from North Korea, we have the “Eye-blink-Heard-‘Round-the-World”!

Many Americans are suspicious of dictator Kim Jong-un’s abrupt and surprising eye-blink reversing his entire national thrust and declaring himself open to talks with the United States. Is it a trick, a ruse, an insulting continuation of North Korea’s habit of deceit, lying and reneging on its solemnly pledged word? Maybe. Maybe even likely. There is some historical evidence, however, that urges us to consider another side.

Remember the cartoon featuring two 6-year-old boys sitting on a fence when a pretty and perky 5-year-old girl passes by? One of the boys says, “If I ever quit hating girls, I’m gonna quit hating her first!” Well, if I ever suspend my distrust of Communist duplicity, I’ll quit distrusting this North Korean move first.

Yes, the Norks may be fudging to gain more time, and they may already have what they consider a trustworthy nuclear weapon, but please hear what gives me a modicum of hope that President Trump may have genuinely changed world history, beginning with the Korean peninsula.

Americans in large numbers are put off by the abruptness of the shift in Pyongyang’s policy. Americans and most of …read more

Source:: World Net Daily