#CNNLeaks Discoveries

By Nicholas Evangelista CNN’s “dirty laundry” revealed #CNNLeaks

Clip: 003T_060909_0730.mp3 [00h22m21s]
First, this short #CNNLeaks clip shows the “bubble-headed bleach blonde” who “comes on at five” who “can tell you ’bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye.”

Also, #FakeNews CNN calls Yahoo #FakeNews long before Yahoo’s #FakeNews incident with Katie Couric.

#CNNLeaks Manipulating quotes, “play with it.”

Clip: 008T_061709_1518.mp3 [02h40m11s]
This is the first of many tips left about the #CNNLeaks clips. We uncovered an unidentified CNN staffer talking about manipulating quotes, saying “just, you know, play with it.”

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Source:: Project Veritas