Christmas Is Canceled

By swatson

No matter how good old St Nick Chris Cringle is, in his red and white suit, he’s not as good as Orange man is bad. And that’s why Christmas is canceled for leftists.

Whingy Amanda Marcotte of Salon complains that everything about Christmas is ruined, because all of her family are fans of President Trump, so she can no longer have any relationship with them.

In an op-ed titled “How Donald Trump ruined Christmas,” Marcotte complains that Trump “ruins everything he touches” and that “Christmas isn’t fun for me anymore.”

“My family is mostly a bunch of Trump voters, sucked up into a vortex of propaganda and lies, unable even to admit basic facts about the world that run contrary to what their tribal politics dictate,” she whines.

“That sort of thing is stressful on a normal day but makes a mockery of the idea of familial love and harmony.” Marcotte further sobs.

The unhinged whinging just gets more and more pathetic as the piece progresses. Marcotte explains that because she is a liberal, feminist, atheist, her “enthusiasm for the Christmas season was always weak”, but now because of Trump it’s gone altogether.

“This isn’t a matter of political differences that can be set aside …read more


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