Cher Slams Trump As “Ignorant Thug With Lizard Brain” After Sanctuary City Tweet Backlash

By Tyler Durden


Just as we anticipated, pop diva Cher was subjected to a torrent of online abuse over a tweet where she perhaps unintentionally echoed a ‘white nationalist’ talking point by saying California should take care of the tens of thousands of homeless living in the state before Trump sends migrants to its sanctuary cities.

Apparently, liberal minded progressives are willing to tolerate such transgressions, unless President Trump draws attention to them by publicly tweeting his endorsement, revealing that the whole point of his ‘plan’ wasn’t to actually send the migrants to sanctuary cities, but to expose liberal hypocrisy over immigration. Immigrants are victims of white supremacy, it seems, so long as they don’t live in liberals’ neighborhoods.

I finally agree with @Cher!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 15, 2019

So in an attempt to assure her liberal fans that she was still ‘one of them’, Cher lashed out at Trump in a series of tweets that read like they were written by someone suffering from a terminal brain disease.

Ironically, she accused Trump of being a ‘lizard brained thug’. Using a nearly indecipherable combination of emojis and text, she urged Dems not to wait for Trump to …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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