Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Began: “We’re Leaving, It’s Too Dangerous”

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Fox News reporter Doug McKelway was in attendance during yesterday’s deadly events in Charlottesville, VA, where he reported that the police were called off as soon as things started turning violent.

“But when the tear gas started to fly, thrown by protesters, the police themselves began to evacuate then. I asked the guy who was in charge, “Where you going?” He said, “We’re leaving. It’s too dangerous.” They had a chance to nip this thing in the bud and they chose not to.“

People were throwing soda cans filled with cement…

VA Police Spox Corinne Geller to @dougmckelway on @ANHQDC: describes the earlier violence, people throwing ” soda cans with cement in them”

— Pat Ward (@WardDPatrick) August 12, 2017

Of note, “Unite the right” held a rally which was legally organized with a permit from the city, as was their first amendment right to do so, and Antifa showed up with cement-filled cans and other weapons with plans to violently protest the event – creating a dangerous atmosphere which the police did nothing to control.

Stand Down

The ACLU confirmed that Charlottesville police were ordered to …read more

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