Can Google Get Away With It?

By George Leef

Google offices, Resized/Cropped (CC BY 2.0)

For any readers who don’t know about this case already, “it” refers to Google’s decision to fire an engineer because he posted a ten-page internal memo that took issue with some of the firm’s policies, especially its “diversity” stance.

(The text of the memo, written by James Damore, is available here, but note the misleading characterization of his writing as a “screed” – much of the leftist media treated Damore’s work as if it were something scarcely this side of Mein Kampf.)

In a nutshell, Damore, who says here that he wrote the memo after taking part in a Google diversity program, criticizes the way the company goes about fostering diversity. It’s calm, carefully worded, and supported by science. Nevertheless, it caused the company’s leadership to blow a gasket. Damore delenda est!

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai explained the company’s decision to terminate Damore, saying that while “we strongly support the right of Googlers to express themselves,” Damore’s affiliation with the company could no longer continue because “portions of the memo cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”

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Source:: Affluent