California Shouldn’t Make It Easier For HIV-Positive People Like Me To Give Blood And Have Risky Sex

By Chad Felix Greene

California recently passed a law that reduces the criminal charges related to knowingly exposing someone to HIV without consent. It demonstrates the power of narrative over reason. Scott Weiner, a Democratic state senator of California who co-wrote the law, penned an article defending his decision. It provides us with an in-depth look at how progressives not only view the law but the morality and ethics of disclosure.

He states, “Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 239, a bill I co-authored to modernize California’s HIV criminal statutes by treating HIV *exactly* the same as other serious and deadly diseases such as Ebola, SARS, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis: as a misdemeanor. Under current California law, only HIV is treated as a felony, and you don’t have to infect anyone — or even create a risk of infection — to be guilty and go to state prison.”

By “modernize” he means the law better reflects the liberal notion of what he describes. HIV is just another disease, no worse or more destructive than any other. It also assumes the issue at hand is infection rather than disclosure or consent. He is not alone in this thinking. The LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign has advocated for …read more