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CalExit: Here’s What the Future Looks Like

The Sacramento Bee recently reported another attempt by activists to present “Calexit” or dis-unite California from the American Union.

To a certain degree, California’s post-Trump lawmaking indicates a “soft secession” is already in place as the state continues to defy Federal regulations on immigration and other standards.

For those forces intent on destroying the Greatest Nation on Earth — namely George Soros and the Globalists — the secession of California would cause incredible damage to the United States as well as Californians. It would set a precedent allowing other states to follow suit. A chain of events would inevitably follow.

Let’s take a look at the future if California were to successfully leave the American Union:

California Uber Alles?

First, sub-regions within California want to pull away from state itself. California might exit, but leave two smaller states in its wake.

The proposed “State of Jefferson” encompasses a series of counties north of San Francisco. It would also include parts of southern Oregon, another self-declared soft-secession/Socialist state.
State of Jefferson

In fact, the state could theoretically be broken into six distinct regions — all of them thinking they are good enough to exist as their own entity. You can learn about “partition” of California here.

Imagine requiring an passport to leave California for business in Nevada.

California Alone?

The exited California would present a smaller footprint after losing the State of Jefferson as well as the eastern and southeastern border counties.

California would be alone. Facing a soft-enemy in Mexico, a country quietly attempting to co-opt the state as we speak and Faustian international partner in China.

Bleeding White

While we support the Tenth Amendment and States’ Rights, the Federal government’s cash tentacles have entwined themselves into the spines of most states.

Gone from California’s Budget:

1. The Military. California needs to defend itself.
2. Roads, Infrastructure: Good luck taking care of all your highways, bridges and tunnels.
3. FEMA support: An earthquake will happen at some point. Americans will help dig out and then what?
4. Loss of the agricultural regions and the subsequent economy. Where will all the professional illegal immigrants work? They’ll have to commute from California to Jefferson or the eastern region.
5. Welfare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc. All fall on the state budget.

On this face alone, California cannot AFFORD to leave.

Economic Impact

We can assume that defiant and foreign-owned Hollywood and Silicon Valley would remain. Both would be tasked with dragging the California economy along.

Socialism is a giant suck on cash and personal property. As California’s economy fails — and it will happen quickly — the state will have no choice but to raise taxes to confiscatory levels and seize businesses and property.

Who will ride in on a white horse? China.

Venezuela owns larger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and is broke. They are optioning their oil futures to the Chinese in exchange for pennies just to prop up their psycho-Socialist regime. The Chinese will do the same for California.

Property values will plummet. Personal wealth will dry up and people will attempt to flee the state. Seniors would lose entire pensions, medical coverage and Social Security.

As former Americans, would these new California citizens need to re-apply for American citizenship?


The soft invasion of California has been in effect for decades. The state has openly defied American immigration laws and issued drivers’ licenses to illegals.

Southern California — it’s almost there now — would devolve into a Mexican Narco-Anarchy region ruled by drug lords and gangs. It will start with San Diego and maraud its way through LA.

Within five years of secession, Spanish will surpass English as the default language of the “country” as its legislature will invoke a language law for politically correct reasons.

Domino Effects

The coastal regions of Oregon and Washington state will follow California’s lead and split from the United States, narrowing James Madison’s “Manifest Destiny” to a corridor in the State of Jefferson. Eastern Washington and Oregon will either form two more states, or will team up to form one region.

New England and southern New York could also follow California’s lead. It will be interesting to see how northern New York, Vermont and New Hampshire play out.

Pennsylvania will fracture, spitting out Democrat-machine Philadelphia. All over the nation, states that voted GOP will reject problematic Democrat-controlled city-state hellholes and reap a budgetary sigh of relief. Michigan will reject Detroit, Virginia could split east and west again and join Pennsylvania to form a new entity.

And what of the massive corporations residing in secession states? Will they leave for the Union?

Trade wars, border walls and other retaliation is likely to play out.


The United States, as much as we’d like to chuck all of California’s kooks in the Pacific, would be altered in a myriad of ways.

In shedding much of its high-population and Left-leaning cities, the Federal government will lose a huge portion of its tax base, but that should be off-set by no longer having to send money to those states via Welfare, Infrastructure/Military and Social Security.

The Democrat Party can ill-afford to surrender Electoral College votes. The party, without California, Oregon and Washington, would never win a presidential election again. Additionally, it would lose its connections and patronage from Silicon Valley and Hollywood as they would have no choice but to turn their dollars and focus on saving the California Republic.

Fellow Americans, we continue at break-neck speed toward a sci-fi nightmare future.