Brent Bozell Writes Public Letter to Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Demanding a Response in Wake of Hidden-Camera Twitter Exposé

By Nicholas Evangelista

In the wake of the hidden-camera Twitter exposés, Brent Bozell, founder and President of the Media Research Center posed a public letter to Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, questioning their policy on censorship.

The letter was posted to Twitter on Friday, citing a recent Project Veritas video, stating “Project Veritas’s videos provide evidence which cannot be disputed.” He continued:

“The purpose of this letter is to ask if censorship of conservative voices is the official policy at Twitter. If not, what steps are you going to take to remedy this situation and release to assuage the public of Twitter’s commitment to free speech?

“We are releasing this letter publicly and will distribute it to our millions of grassroots supporters. We will also release publicly your response or lack thereof.”

It is unclear if Bozell’s letter got any response from Dorsey.

“We applaud and thank Bozell’s recognition of the gravity of this story,” said a spokesperson for Project Veritas. “As advocates of free speech, we are deeply troubled by what we have uncovered in these videos – and the worst is yet to come.”

See his tweet below:

.@JamesOKeefeIII‘s videos present indisputable evidence of Twitter employees claiming they censor conservatives. This is …read more

Source:: Project Veritas