Bobby Scott Calls For Immediate Investigation Into Fairfax Allegation He Knew About For More Than A Year

By Patrick Howley

Bobby Scott, the Democrat congressman from Virginia, recently called for the two sex assault allegations against lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax to be investigated “immediately.” Scott made his call two days after some bombshell news came out: Scott knew about a “MeToo” allegation against Fairfax, courtesy of a text that Dr. Vanessa Tyson sent to Scott in 2017.

The recent allegations against Lt Governor Fairfax are disturbing and extremely serious. Both allegations must be investigated immediately. If either is found to be true – and there appears to be significant corroborating evidence – then the Lt Governor should resign immediately.

— Rep. Bobby Scott (@BobbyScott) February 9, 2019

BLP reported:

Democrat Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott’s year-long knowledge of and inaction toward the sexual assault allegation levied against Democrat Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax is the latest development since Big League Politics broke the story on Sunday.

Aides for Scott admitted Wednesday to having knowledge of Fairfax’s sexual assault allegation since October 17, 2017, when the accuser Vanessa Tyson, a Stanford Fellow and Scripps University professor, made Scott’s team aware of the alleged incident. Tyson attempted to explain the allegation to Scott again in a text message sent in December of …read more


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