Benedict Option In Lombardy

By Rod Dreher

The Italian Catholic news site La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana covered my speech at the Lombardy regional government house. Here’s an English version of their report, courtesy of a generous reader with translating skill:

Symposium In Milan With Rod Dreher:

“The Benedict Option” –

An Ark That Is Needed During the Present Deluge

By Benedetta Frigerio

15 September 2018

The Benedict Option was presented yesterday morning [September 14] in Lombardy. The book written by Rod Dreher, the American journalist who converted first to Catholicism and then to Orthodoxy, was correctly defined by the Vice-President of Lombardy as “a splash in the pond” which, already translated into ten languages, has ignited a big debate in the intellectual and ecclesiastical world. So much so that Dreher’s Italian tour has had several stages before arriving in Milan. Perhaps the reason is that The Benedict Option is a book which has the courage to ask the question which the Church herself is struggling to consider: How can a Christian today live and communicate the faith in a world which refuses, when it does not outright hate, the logic by which the Christian wants to conduct his life?

But The Benedict Option is a “splash” above all because it contests the general …read more

Source:: The American Conservative

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