Barton College Urged to ‘Purge Problematic Policies’ on Free Speech From Handbook

By Rachel Frommer

A North Carolina paper has called on a private college to institute free speech reforms by “purging its problematic policies” from the student handbook, following the passage earlier this month of a bill protecting First Amendment rights at the state’s public universities.

Barton College was urged to give its students “the right to express themselves freely without fear of punishment” in an editorial by the Wilson Times, after a new state law was adopted allowing for sanctions on students who disrupt the free speech of others and prohibiting administrators from disinviting campus speakers.

“Adult college students needn’t be treated like fragile children,” wrote the paper. “They deserve robust free speech protections like the ones they’d enjoy in society at large and on campus at a public university.”

The Wilson Times called on Barton to set an example for North Carolina’s other private institutions of higher education by adopting the “Chicago principles,” as the commitment to free speech outlined in 2014 by the University of Chicago has come to be known.

The paper took issue with a number of specific policies in the college handbook that it said “limit student expression,” including the code of conduct’s requirement that students “express …read more

Source:: Washington Free Beacon