Attention GOP Congress: We STILL Don’t Trust You!

Call President Trump’s arrival in “the swamp of DC” whatever you want — a swamp, cesspool, den of vipers. All of these images fit the actual truth.

Out of the million lies pitched about a potential Trump administration during the course of the election process, one stood out as a talking point for potential swing voters: “If Trump gets in he’ll have a GOP Congress and they’ll be able to do anything they want.”

An effective answer to that ill-considered statement involved discussing the treacherous, spineless nature of the GOP overall — at least those who support the Uniparty/Globalist agenda — how they would seek to undermine Trump at every term using every trick at their disposal including the forgotten Separation of Powers.

A handful of GOPers actually DO support the Constitution, Bill of Rights, States’ Rights and Separation of Powers, but they remain few and far between. So the Neo-Cons, Establishment and bat-crap crazy Dems will conspire to fight, obstruct and cajole the Trump administration into bending to the “Washington Way.”

How sad and pathetic for the media and politicians of all stripes who still consider Trump some yokel. Read “Art of the Deal” and know that Trump was primed for a presidential role 30 years ago. He’s even wiser now.

The GOP Establishment Stands for Nothing

Actually the GOP Establishment stands for one thing: Getting re-elected.

And that also means, they pander to their base while taking care of their benefactors’ political, legal and business needs.

This poses a stark difference from the Democrats. The Dems also worry about the same issues, they believe deeply in their insane, anti-human, anti-everything socialist ideology and they will defend their belief right down to their final breath. Such is the case when “the State” serves as your god and your mind/soul focuses on envy and the desire to control and dispense justice on those you despise (which is everyone, basically).

The GOP Establishment actually garners more contempt because they stand for nothing.

The GOPE doesn’t protect the citizens, the country or the Constitution. Instead, it presents this false opposition where they protest just enough to feign resistance only to “reach across the aisle” to appease the ever-whining and deadly serious Leftists. When a fight is on, they cower and acquiesce. And the Left knows this.

While both parties agree on the desire to remain and wield power, they deploy different strategies.

The GOPE play the long game for retirement wealth and personal power.

The Dems operate a zero-sum game for the very soul of the planet and the fleeting ecstasy of basking in other people’s suffering. They’re selfish too, but they are united in their sick hatred for all things human.


Let’s be honest: We know where Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Turtle Mitch McConnell stand. They don’t like President Trump. But, they have to work with the guy on issues that help their benefactors and offer a public sheen of GOP party unity.

But really, at the end of the day, Ryan supports open borders and international trade deals subjugating American sovereignty to a treaty. McConnell detests the grassroots of the Party and has not only said so in the past, but moved to enact campaign financing laws to insulate incumbents from challengers.


The GOP doesn’t want to deal tax cuts because they think it will hurt Trump?

They want to stall Obamacare because a bunch of paid Leftist operatives are giving them crap at townhalls?

The GOP is seriously offering a carbon tax as a trade for energy legislation?

Seriously? Carbon tax for something that doesn’t exist in exchange for something Trump can control through EPA regulations?


For the GOP Establishment hacks in the House, 2018 is right around the corner. Many can and should receive primary battles if they don’t quickly realize the obvious: YOU ARE ONLY IN CONTROL BECAUSE OF TRUMP. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE WITH YOUR OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION.

The Democrats are totally out of touch with any form of human reality. If any GOPers want to tie their ships to that sinking dock, please feel free to sink your political careers.

Constitutionally-oriented, non-career politicians would be welcomed with open arms.