Artwork Mocking Google’s Censorship Just Started Popping Up In California

By Bre Payton


Artwork mocking Google for its oppressive censorship is popping up all over the Los Angeles area, near Google’s office in Venice, California.

Earlier this week, Google fired one of its engineers, James Damore, after he wrote a 10-page memo criticizing the way the tech giant treated female employees as well as the company’s crippling level of liberal bias. In the memo, Damore pointed out the fact that men and women are different, and argued Google’s refusal to recognize these differences and embrace them was hurting the company. The memo was distorted by members of the media as an “anti-diversity tirade,” when in reality, as many social scientists pointed out, science backs up Damore’s statements.

“Portions of the memo violate our Code of Conduct and cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a memo earlier this week.

Right-wing street artist Sabo took credit for the work in a series of tweets blasting the tech company.

Last night, news broke that Google cancelled an all hands on deck meeting about Damore’s firing out of fear that it would leak to the media. …read more