Are We Talking the Potential for $0 in Net Regulatory Costs Under Trump’s Executive Order? – Yep!

By Josie Rudd


It is a stunning about-face from the path down which Barrack Obama was leading us. But, yes, a report released by the American Action Forum shows how President Trump’s executive order eliminating two regulations for every new rule could actually result in ZERO net regulatory costs.

The Washington Free Beacon reports – President Donald Trump’s executive order to eliminate two regulations for every new rule could result in zero net regulatory costs this fiscal year, a stunning shift in regulatory policy from the previous Obama administration.

The American Action Forum released a report Tuesday showing how Executive Order 13771 could significantly roll back regulatory burdens, using 2006 as a model.

The “Getting to $0” report written by Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at the American Action Forum, finds that through the executive orders on regulation and the Congressional Review Act, the administration could reduce net regulatory costs to zero by Oct. 1.

By contrast, the last year of the Obama presidency yielded $164 billion in costs from final regulations alone.

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Source:: Minutemen