Anti-Trump Protester Yelling at Police Officer Appears Not to Understand First Amendment

By Andrew Kugle

An anti-Donald Trump protester yelled at a police officer for not stopping supporters of the president from holding a small rally, according to a YouTube video uploaded on Feb. 19.

The video showed several Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters yelling back and forth at each other.

One Trump supporter on a megaphone called the anti-Trump protesters the “most racist people that ever walked the face of the Earth.”

Several police officers entered the scene to create a barrier between the two sides. One anti-Trump protester took this as a sign that the police were supporting the pro-Trump rally.

“So you are here to support their rally so they can do this and we can’t,” one female protester said.

The police officer tried to explain to the protester that all they were trying to do was create a buffer between the two sides as the pro-Trump man on the mega phone proceeded to yell, “You’re the baby of an illegal alien.”

The anti-Trump woman did not seem to understand the police officer. She went on to accuse the police officers of standing by the pro-Trump rally. The officer attempted to explain to the woman that both sides have a First Amendment right.

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Source:: Washington Free Beacon