Another Failed Socialist Experiment in Capitalism

By Kevin Jackson

Garden diner and cafe 2

I’m surprised a restaurant that overpaid employees, allowed employees to set their own hours, and didn’t allow tipping didn’t make it.

Remember the restaurant that allowed customers to set their own prices? No. And neither does anybody else, because it too closed.

MLive reported the closing of The Garden Diner and Cafe as follows:

The end has come for a popular Grand Rapids restaurant known as much for its creative vegan dishes as its progressive business model.

For much of its five-year existence, the eatery went by the moniker Bartertown Diner, until it was rebranded in September to The Garden Diner and Cafe.

The offbeat 30-seat eatery announced this month that its last day would be Wednesday, Nov. 30.

After a strong summer, the restaurant with about a dozen employees had struggled in recent months, said Thad Cummings. He took it over in March with Crystal Lecoy, who left two months later.

“I was an original investor in it,” Cummings said. “I wanted to push it to see if the model could be done.”

Sure, let’s see if socialism can work? Sure it will THIS TIME…NOT!

What were the issues that led to the close?

First, the restaurant was owned by Marxist.

Next, the restaurant was “worker run,” in that …read more

Source:: The Black