An American Journalist In Washington, DC

By David Seaman

FULCRUM’s move to D.C. is complete. I want to thank the community for believing in what we do. And what is that exactly? We provide a place, and a platform, where real news occurs. That should be the norm, yet it’s not. We are solving that.

Washington is a different city than I remember from my childhood. The museums and big columned marble buildings are all still here, that hasn’t changed. The people have gotten younger—between MAGA and the city’s legaljuana bloom, the mood is generally optimistic. Construction cranes dot the low skyline, the only city with more cranes I’ve seen is Denver, Colorado.

The economic boom is real.

Before moving here, I did a loose competitive analysis of other media brands based in D.C. and was blown away. We don’t even have competition. We’re talking about anti-Trump, pro-swamp establishment online rags with no audience loyalty who would have to close their doors within days if Google News cut them off. In fact, their entire businesses seem to revolve around in-group anti-Trumpism and parasitic reliance on Google News. That’s a losing strategy, whereas FULCRUM is bursting at the seams with winning, never-before-tried ideas.

And the Washington Post, a publication whose track record since Jeff …read more

Source:: Fulcrum News