America, Your Campuses Are Madhouses. Why Are We Paying For This?

By Daniel Payne

Several recent demonstrations at various colleges across the country illustrate nicely the incoherent temper-tantrum style of politics that currently dominates campus life.

At the University of Oregon, the school’s president was delivering his yearly State of the University address when student protesters stormed the stage babbling about “neo-Nazis” and “fascism.” They chanted things like “shame.” One student announced: “Expect resistance to anyone who opposes us.” The protestors needn’t have worried about any opposition: the school cancelled the president’s speech and beat a hasty retreat.

At Virginia Tech late last month, protesters showed up at that president’s State of the University address as well, accusing him of employing a “white supremacist,” chanting “Nazis get off our campus” and “No Nazis! No KKK! No Fascist USA!” When the president attempted to keep speaking, protesters “shouted over him and threw tiny white pieces of paper containing information on the [alleged white supremacist] employee.”

At the University of California at Berkeley, a group of students disrupted a professor’s class and read a manifesto of grievances, demanding that the professor offer a take-home exam instead of the in-class one. “Our well-beings are being put on the line because of our emotional, mental and physical stress,” …read more