Amazon Abandons Plan To Sell Drugs Over Logistics Concerns: Report

By Tyler Durden


Late last year, Amazon ratcheted up the urgency surrounding the wave of pharmacy-related consolidation that was sweeping through the US market after reports emerged that the company had received licensing to sell medical products in 47 out of 50 US states and Washington DC.

But whatever Amazon had planned for its first foray into the medical products space has been indefinitely delayed, as the company’s Amazon Business segment, which sells bulk items to business customers, has abandoned plans to sell and distribute pharmaceutical products.

Instead, Amazon is focusing on selling less sensitive medical supplies to hospitals and small clinics – a sign that even a company of Amazon’s size can have trouble breaking into the health-care supplies and pharmaceutical space, CNBC pointed out.

An Amazon spokesperson told CNBC, “As we’ve developed Amazon Business, we’ve used our working-backwards methodology for consumers and applied it to the needs of business customers and sellers. One of the ways we do this is convening advisory boards from across the industry to give us feedback so we can continue innovating on behalf of customers.”

The health care supply chain is well-entrenched and will be hard to break into, according to one expert. “The hospital and health care …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge