Allen West: What black and gay conservatives have in common

By Allen West Republic

Upon his return to Kansas SAtate University, where he began his family life, retired Army LTCOL Allen West speaks to the similarities in the treatment that conservative gays and blacks receive from the socialist progressive liberal left. And it ain’t pretty. There is a great illustration in here from writer Chadwick Moore, who got it bad for writing a moderate piece on Milo Yiannopoulos. He then saw the ugly light.

As Written By Allen B. West:

This past weekend I had one of those great moments. I was invited to address the Kansas GOP State Convention in Manhattan “The Little Apple” Kansas, a place that has a particular place in my heart.

I first arrived to Manhattan and Ft. Riley back in March 1988. It was there in Kansas that I met and married a K-stater, Angela, who earned her Bachelors and Ph.D from Kansas State and was a professor in the College of Business. I deployed to Desert Shield/Storm and upon return, we bought our first home. I taught ROTC at Kansas State University, earning a Masters as well. Our two daughters, Aubrey and Austen, were both born in Kansas, one at Ft. Riley and the other in Topeka. The West family …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic