Allen West: UNPRECEDENTED! Pentagon announces MASSIVE operation

By Allen West Republic

The Pentagon is getting ready to tread where it has never tread before. It is a battle for which no one can foresee the outcome. having been in the Armed Forces myself and watched this process, I can only imagine what the process will be. Allen West knows that the batlle of the audit is coming and he knows how the Pentagon can win this.

As Written By Allen B. West:

There’s so much going on in Washington DC but does any of it really get to the heart of the matter? Yesterday the impeachment word was openly spoken from the House floor and on television. The issue, as I’ve stated, is we have a plethora of speculation circulating around very nebulous investigations. All that currently exists are “convictions looking for evidence,” and it appears many are running with this…God knows it’s all the media is ranting about. However, the world continues to turn as our elected officials are totally distracted and being drawn off what is important to the American people — reform of our tax policy and healthcare system to spur economic growth. There’s also another critical issue that must be resolved: rebuilding our military capability and capacity. It’s …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic