Allen West: SHAMEFUL report on CBC; Media SILENT 

By Allen West Republic

There is now a financial report on the spending of the CBC PAC, the Congressional Black Congress Political Action Committee. To say that is a shameful example of hypocrisy would be to understate it. It speaks to a lavish lifestyle that their constituents could hardly dream of. Helping to keep their secret safe is the compliant alt-left media. Read all about the extravaganzas they have.

As Written By Allen B. West:

I remember when I joined the Congressional Black Caucus back in 2011. The funny thing was when a reporter asked me if I was qualified to be a member of the CBC. My response was simple, I assessed that the only qualifications were to be black and in Congress.

It was a very interesting experience, knowing there were some who flat out despised my being there. But there were some very good memories…such as working with fellow Florida Representative Corinne Scott-Brown to have the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the Montfort Point Marines. They were the first black Marines, and that ceremony, where I was honored to give a short address, was memorable.

However, there were other memories that were not so fond such as the extravagant spending for lunches. I remember …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic