Allen West: Obama’s obsession with political correctness takes DANGEROUS turn

By Allen West Republic The military doesn’t exist to support the social egalitarian experiments the progressive socialists of the Left favor.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Yes, we’re in the final days of “hope and change,” along with the fundamental transformation of America. But don’t think that the Obama administration is going to slow down and assist with the transition to a new administration. With the executive actions on offshore oil drilling, the UN resolution against Israel, and in other matters, we’ve seen evidence that Barack Obama is concerned with his own agenda. These actions signal an unwillingness to enable a new presidential administration to have success by boxing it in. As we know, today Obama will be on Capitol Hill to discuss Obamacare.

You’d think Obama would be focused on our national security, but as we shared with you last week, we have no aircraft carrier coverage in the Persian Gulf for the second time in as many years.

But there IS something Obama — and his henchman, SecNav Ray Mabus — can claim as a success.

As reported by the Marine Corps Times, “The Marine Corps will make history on Thursday when the first three female infantry Marines join their unit at Camp …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic