Allen West: If THIS isn’t evidence of SABOTAGE against Trump, I don’t know what it is

By Allen West Republic

The government employees at the EPA are so upset over Scott Pruitt becoming Donald Trump’s the Director of the EPA that they are lobbying their Senators. This appears to be an organized violation of the Hatch Act that forbids such behavior. Add to that the leaks that continue to flow from within the government and you have sabatoge, pure and simple. This all sould warrent prosecution.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Greetings from Houston, Texas where I’m in town for the Dive Pirates Annual Ball. It’s a great organization that promotes adaptive dive training for individuals with spinal injury or lost limbs. I’m honored to be here, as they dubbed the theme for the evening “Year of the Patriot.” I dunno, kinda hard for an Atlanta guy to be in Houston and talk about “Patriots” right now — catch my drift? Also, I’ll be heading out Sunday for Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center cruise around the Caribbean with some awesome guest speakers. So, I’ll kinda be off the net but will write intermittent missives to give y’all an update and weigh in on pressing issues and matters.

And there’s one pressing issue that just has me astonished — and should …read more

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