Academic Watchdog Says Georgetown Middle East Studies Faculty ‘Most Anti-Israel’

By Rachel Frommer

Middle East studies faculty at Georgetown University are “the most intolerant, ideological, anti-Israel, and pro-Islamist in the United States,” charged a new report by an academic watchdog, published Tuesday.

Titled “Islamists, Apologists, and Fellow Travelers: Middle East Studies Faculty at Georgetown University,” the report out of Campus Watch argued that “radical” and “biased” scholarship coming out of the D.C.-based school is of particular concern given the advisory role some professors play for legislators on Capitol Hill.

The faculty listed “underestimate threats to national security” and “misrepresent empirical data,” according to Campus Watch, fueled by their propensity for postcolonial theory, a mode of study founded by the late Columbia literature professor Edward Said that considers Israel an imperialist power, and support of “aggressive Islamism.”

Georgetown was labeled “an Islamist outpost on the Potomac.”

Campus Watch described an “old guard” of scholars, who are now mostly deceased or retired, who founded Georgetown’s Islamic studies centers and pursued an anti-Western ideology that would “obfuscate the facts by pretending that radicalization and incitement to jihad do not exist, that jihadists are not real, and that any negative perception of Islam stems, not from the behavior of Islamists, but from the misunderstandings of the American …read more

Source:: Washington Free Beacon