5 sources of the burgeoning sex-abuse scandal

By Larry Tomczak

In 1940, Winston Churchill was Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” for courageously confronting Nazism. In 2017, the sex scandal “Silence Breakers” collectively take the prize for unleashing one of the highest-velocity shifts in our society since the ’60s!

The sexual assault/harassment revelations came with startling swiftness; casualties of the “rich and powerful” have jolted our nation; and we’re experiencing a cultural sea change. What triggered this cataclysmic event?

A couple months ago my wife, daughter and I united with tens of thousands of concerned Christians on the D.C. mall for an event entitled, “Awaken the Dawn.” The final day, led by women, highlighted issues relevant to the women of America, including heartfelt petitions for God’s intervention amidst dangerous trends affecting them in our culture.

This surfacing of the sexual harassment scourge and exploitation of women that has continued unabated in America for decades has not come to light by coincidence but rather Providence. God heard the heartfelt cries of the women (and us men!) gathered in our nation’s capital, and we’re witnessing His work in bringing this sin into the light.

After decades of evil deeds done in darkness, this last month has been a great reckoning, with prominent individuals being exposed by …read more

Source:: World Net Daily