10 REASONS A VOTE RECOUNT Is A Really Bad Idea For America

By 100% FED Up


Jill Stein (Hillary Clinton’s) recount is akin to Michael Brown’s father standing in front of an angry mob of rioters after our judicial system found Officer Wilson innocent of murder, begging them to burn the city of Ferguson to the ground. Blue-collar workers deserted the Democrat Party after finally realizing the party deserted them decades ago. The Democrats have made it clear by their bad post-election behavior, that they are unwilling to accept the real reason behind thier loss. Instead of regrouping and figuring out what they need to do to win back the voters they’ve lost, they’re going to drag and already divided America through a recount based on nothing more than hope.

Watch Jill Stein explain why she’s working to force a recount in 3 states that used to be Democrat strongholds:

As Ms. Stein starts in her answers during the CNN interview in the video above, “Why would anyone not want to count the votes, and to be sure that they were counted accurately? What we know is that there were lots of hacks taking place around this election. … Much of the equipment used is not only open to hacks, it basically invites hacks and malfeasance, tampering, …read more

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